2016 Bergamo Advanced Mini-Fellowship in Revision Rhinoseptoplasty


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Course Introduction: 2016 Bergamo Advanced Mini-Fellowship in Revision Rhinoseptoplasty Download Link


3 Videos
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Overview – Topics/Speakers:

by Enrico Robotti, MD
Dr. Robotti performs three surgeries as part of the 2016 Bergamo Advanced Mini-Fellowship in Revision Rhinoseptoplasty. Each surgery begins with a preoperative examination of clinical photos, CT scans, and postoperative simulation to fully demonstrate the clinical analysis and subsequent precise planning for each patient. Dr. Robotti takes the viewer from markings, incision, and dissection, to placement of grafts, including harvest of rib and temporalis fascia, and finally, to closure and postoperative dressing with discussion of results. Viewers are sure to benefit from the tips to improve outcomes and avoid complications that Dr. Robotti shares with the fellowship students during each of the surgeries. Postoperative photos for each patient are included to demonstrate the results over time.

Surgeries include:

Secondary Rhinoplasty in Crooked Nose With Septal Fistula: Laminated Rib Framework, Septal Extension Graft, Tip-plasty With Multiple Grafts, and Diced Cartilage Fascia
Secondary Rhinoplasty With Residual Open Roof, Septal Deviation and Alar Retraction: Differential Osteotomies, Modified Extracorporeal Septoplasty, Lateral Crural Transposition, and Multiple Grafting
Secondary Rhinoplasty in Previous Rib Grafting With Saddling and Multiple Deformities: New Rib Laminated Grafting, Osteotomies, Bone Reshaping, Sidewall and Tip Grafting, and Diced Cartilage Fascia

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