2019 Clinical Ultrasound Featuring Ultrasound After Hours


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Overview – Topics/Speakers:

This CME Activity as a practical, clinically focused review of diagnostic ultrasound featuring urgent scanning procedures and techniques. A mix of ob-gyn, abdominal, and vascular lectures provide a well-rounded review of clinical imaging techniques. Faculty share scanning tips, protocols, and pitfalls providing an overall balance to the activity.

Educational Objectives

At the completion of this CME activity, subscribers should be able to:

  • Optimize clinical protocols for evaluating the vascular system.
  • Discuss the advantages and pitfalls of contrast enhanced ultrasound.
  • Utilize ultrasound to assess patients with abdominal and pelvic disorders.
  • Demonstrate increased knowledge into the applications of breast, pediatric and OB/GYN scanning procedures.
  • Assess emergency department patients using modern scanning techniques.
  • Apply modern imaging techniques to clinical practice.

No special educational preparation is required for this CME activity


1. Ultrasound of the Pancreas
2. Introduction to Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound
3. Chest Ultrasound
4. Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound of the Liver
5. Fetal GU Ultrasound
6. Neurosonography
7. Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound of the Kidneys
8. Ultrasound of the Endometrium and SIS
10. Ultrasound Evaluation of the Pediatric Spine
11. 1st Trimester Ultrasound
12. Ectopic Pregnancy
13. Emergency Pediatric Ultrasound
14. Pelvic Pain
15. Obstetric Sonography Dos and Don’ts
16. Vascular Emergencies
17. The Painful Scrotum
18. A Practical Guide to Improving Breast Ultrasound Outcomes Performance
19. Carotid US 2019 Update
20. Screening Breast Ultrasound – Pearls and Pitfalls
21. Ultrasound BI-RADS What to do When
22. Interesting Abdominal Ultrasound Cases
23. New Breast Ultrasound Technology and What’s on the Horizon
24. Leg Pain & Swelling It’s Not just About DVT


Released: 07/01/19

Duration: 15.25 Hours 

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