Aesthetic Customized Surgical Treatment for Prominent Eye QMP (Videos)


Format : 4 MP4
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Course Introduction: Aesthetic Customized Surgical Treatment for Prominent Eye QMP (Videos) Download Link


Format : 4 MP4
File Size : 5.9 GB

Overview – Topics/Speakers:

by Raymond Douglas, MD, PhD

World-renowned oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Raymond Douglas performs four surgeries in this video series to correct a variety of problems related to the orbit and prominent eye.  Dr. Douglas presents thorough preoperative surgical plans for each case, and demonstrates step-by-step technique and identification of anatomy while providing the viewer with tips unique to each patient’s needs to avoid complications and achieve optimal aesthetic and function outcomes.  A postoperative discussion of each surgery is also provided, including preoperative and postoperative photos, reviewing the maneuvers that were performed.

Surgeries include:

Case 1:  Orbital Fracture Repair Through Transconjuntival Approach Without Release of the Eyelid

Case 2:  Medial and Lateral Decompression With Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

Case 3:  Reoperative Lateral Decompression With Lower Eyelid Contour Reconstruction

Case 4:  Comprehensive Thyroid Eye Disease Facial Reconstruction to Improve Orbital and Facial Asymmetry

Available in HD Streaming .  4 cases and 2.5 hours of operative video.  2021.

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