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8 Videos

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8 Videos

Overview – Topics/Speakers:

Designed to deliver the tools radiologists need to enhance their breast imaging interpretation skills—as well as expert instruction on how to use them in daily clinical practice—this Online Course provides a thorough update on obstetric and gynecologic imaging: sonographic evaluation of ectopic pregnancy, abnormal placentation, early sonographic detection of ovarian cancer, and advanced pelvic imaging including MR.

Learning Outcomes and Lectures

After completing this course, the learner should be able to:

  • recognize artifacts in tomosynthesis and synthesized views, why they occur, and how to avoid them
  • identify which modalities are most appropriate for managing patients with nipple discharge
  • recognize common causes of overlooked breast cancers
  • build skills related to the performance of a second look breast ultrasound
  • discuss the clinical issues involving sonographic diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy
  • describe the clinical issues involving abnormal placentation, what are the limitations and advantages of sonography and MRI
  • describe the important concepts regarding the pathogenesis of ovarian cancer – recognizing the potential improvement in screening
  • discuss the use of advanced sonographic imaging (3D, 4D) and MR for challenging cases

Module 1

  • How to Do a Second Look Ultrasound After Breast MRI—M. Elezaby
  • Artifacts in Tomosynthesis and Synthesized Views—M. Elezaby
  • All Modality Approach to Nipple Discharge—B. Adrada
  • Learn from Mistakes: Overlooked Cancers and How to Avoid—B. Adrada

Module 2

  • Update on Sonography of Ectopic Pregnancy—M. Frates
  • Imaging of Abnormal Placentation—M. Moshiri
  • Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer: New Concepts—A. Fleischer
  • Advanced Pelvic Imaging—M. Moshiri

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