ASN Maintenance Dialysis 2022 (On-Demand and Livestream)


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Course Introduction: ASN Maintenance Dialysis 2022 (On-Demand and Livestream) Download Link


21 Videos
File Size = 2.78 GB

Overview – Topics/Speakers:

Treatments for individuals with kidney failure are rapidly evolving and increasingly complex. Clinicians must have expertise in preparing patients for dialysis, so they can provide the full range of maintenance dialysis options, particularly home-based therapies, and help patients transition to transplantation or end-of-life care if appropriate. Clinicians must also treat comorbid conditions while addressing symptom management and aligning care with patient priorities. During this program, international experts review the key challenges that clinicians face today in maintenance dialysis care. On-demand presentations summarize and critique the latest research, provide useful approaches to common problems, and deliver key messages applicable to daily practice. Two interactive sessions focus on challenging vascular access cases and evaluating the quality of in-home dialysis options.

Course Objective(s)

Upon completion of the program, the participant will be able to:

1) describe evidence-based practice for maintenance dialysis with a focus on transitioning to home-based modalities, including assessing the quality of home dialysis programs

2) provide management strategies for common and important comorbid conditions and symptoms that affect people treated with maintenance dialysis

3) discuss updated strategies for managing challenges in vascular access

4) explain symptom management and ways to put goal-directed therapy into practice.


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