Breast Biopsy – Ultrasound, Stereotaxis & MRI Guidance 2013



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Overview – Topics/Speakers:

Breast Biopsy – Ultrasound, Stereotaxis & MRI Guidance

Breast Biopsy – Ultrasound, Stereotaxis & MRI Guidance offers an excellent overview of the three major means of image-guided biopsy in breast imaging. By synthesizing all three into one series of lectures, one gains a greater appreciation of the preferred indications and advantages of biopsy with each modality relative to the others. A detailed description of the techniques involved, and methods for troubleshooting in order to prevent and/or solve attendant technical problems, are described for each modality as well.

At the conclusion of this CME activity, the participant will be able to:

  • Enumerate the current indications for the performance of breast MR for both screening and diagnosis
  • Discuss the changes in the section on breast MR in the new 5th Edition of the BI-RADS manual, and the importance of the new changes
  • Relate the important technical issues in the performance of breast MR, and breast MR biopsy
  • Explain the current and evolving applications of breast MR for treatment and follow-up of breast cancer
  • Demonstrate the new role of breast MR in the diagnosis of DCIS

The activity was designed for the community radiologists who routinely are called upon to perform diagnostic imaging in various subspecialties and need to be proficient in several modalities.


  • Breast Ultrasound: Fundamentals
  • Stereotactic Core Biopsy: Fundamentals of the Procedure
  • Stereotactic Core Biopsy: Positioning for the Procedure
  • Stereotactic Core Biopsy: Troubleshooting the Procedure
  • MRI-Guided Biopsy: Fundamentals of the Procedure
  • Breast  MRI: Screening Applications
  • Breast  MRI: Diagnostic Indications
  • MR Guided Biopsy- Troubleshooting the Procedure
    Elizabeth A. Rafferty, MD
  • Breast Ultrasound Biopsy Techniques 
    Michael N. Linver, MD, FACR
  • Stereotactic Core Biopsy: Radiologic – Pathologic Correlation
  • Breast  MRI: Radiologic – Pathologic Correlation
    Gillian Newstead, MDACR

Date of Original Release: June 1, 2013

Includes: 3.0 hours Digital Mammography, 1.5 hours Ultrasound, 3.5 hours MRI,
and 3.0 hours Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

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