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Overview – Topics/Speakers:

The Heart Failure Society of America has released the 23rd HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting Advance Program. Taking place September 13-16, 2019, the HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting offers heart failure professionals the opportunity to advance their understanding and knowledge of heart failure with a robust, multidisciplinary program. Content is delivered through a variety of formats including plenary sessions, state-of-the-art symposia, invited lectures and debates, how-to sessions, hands-on workshops, and oral and poster presentations of accepted abstracts. The program is tailored to address the educational needs of members of the heart failure team including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and early career trainees.

The Advance Program is now available, providing a comprehensive, first look at the sessions, receptions, and activities scheduled for this year’s meeting. Those interested can download it at meeting.hfsa.org/program.

Join friends, colleagues, and leading experts in heart failure September 13-16, 2019 in Philadelphia, PA for the 23rd HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting: Where heart failure teams gather.


September 13, 2019
September 15, 2019
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    1. PM 1 – Excellence in Translational Science
    2. SAT 1 – Mitral Regurgitation in Heart Failure 2019 Challenges and Opportunities
    3. SAT 2 – Cardiovascular, Metabolic, and Renal Outcomes in Multi-Morbid Heart Failure Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
    4. SAT 3 – Improving Outcomes in Your HF Patients with Evidence-Based Treatment of Hyperkalemia
    5. PLENARY – Independence from Heart Failure Awareness, Empathy and Activism
    6. SESSION 1 – Acute Cardiogenic Shock to Recovery STEMI, Myocarditis, and Acute Insults
    7. SESSION 2 – Great Debates and Current Controversies Across the Atlantic
    8. SESSION 3 – Ten Simple Tips How to Prevent HF
    9. SESSION 4 – Prognosis and Treatments for Ambulatory Advanced HF
    10. SESSION 5 – General Cardiology vs Community and Academic HF – Let’s Learn from Each Other
    11. SESSION 6 – Ten Simple Tips Management of Complexities in Cardiogenic Shock
    12. SESSION 7 – Rapid Fire Abstracts for Original Investigations
    13. SESSION 8 – Challenges in Managing Adult Congenital Heart Disease PH, RV Failure, Arrhythmia
    14. SESSION 9 – Change is Inevitable Impact of Nursing and Allied Health Amongst the Medical Circulatory Support World
    15. SESSION 10 – FDA Special Session Focusing on Patient in Clinical Research and Drug Development
    16. SAT 4 – Symptoms are the Tip of the Iceberg Navigating Management of Congestion in Heart Failure
    17. SAT 5 – Team Based Approach to Combined Medical and Surgical Management of Advanced Heart Failure Optimal Use and Impact of Mechanical Circulatory Support
    18. SESSION 11 – Ten Simple Tips Identifying the Ever-Elusive Volume Overload in the Clinic
    19. SESSION 12 – 2019 Update on Clinical Trials for Emerging HF Drugs and Device Therapies
    20. SESSION 13 – Defining RV Failure Pathophysiology and Clinical Perspectives
    21. SESSION 14 – JNC Investigator Award Basic Science & Clinical
    22. SESSION 15 – Nursing Investigator Award Research & Clinical1
    23. SESSION 16 – Ten Simple Tips How to Best Implement Technologies to Assist in HF Care and Reduce Readmissions
    24. SESSION 17 – Systemic Pathway Dysregulation in HFpEF How Mechanisms Enlighten Clinical Approaches
    25. Session 18 – HF in End-Stage Kidney Disease A Multidisciplinary Approach to an Underestimated Problem1
    26. SESSION 19 – Contemporary Dilemmas in LVAD Therapy
    27. SESSION 20 – Fundamental skills for AHFTC Training
    28. SESSION 22 – Systems of care in Cardiogenic Shock
    29. 2018-2019 Top Ten Trials, News & Publication in HF
    30. SESSION 26 – Payer Mandates for Formal Shared Decision-Making How do I Meet Coverage Decision Mandates
    31. SESSION 23 – Translational Omics in Heart Failure Finally Getting Clinical
    32. SESSION 25 – Lessons Learned 100 Years from HF Nurses
    33. SESSION 27 – International Session Global Challenges and Best Practices in Acute HF
    34. SESSION 28 – How to Diagnose and Manage Inflammatory Cardiomyopathies Myocarditis Foundation
    35. Diet, Nutrition & Cardiac Function – From Beside to Bench & Back Again
    36. SESSION 30 – Clinical Conundrums Pharmacotherapy for HFrEF Case-Based Debates
    37. SESSION 31 – How to Engage Patient-Caregiver Dyads in Managing HF
    38. SAT 6 – Reducing Cardiovascular and Renal Risk with SGLT2 Inhibitors Exploring Evidence
    39. SAT 7 – Brave New World of ATTR Cardiac Amyloidosis Avoiding Pitfalls in Diagnosis and Treatment
    40. SESSION 34 – Ten Simple Tips Cardiac Amyloidosis – No Longer an Academic Exercise, Now a Treatable Pandemic
    41. Controversies in Acute Cardio-Renal Syndrome – Discussion & Debates on Fluid Wars
    42. SESSION 35 – How to Manage Cardiovascular Complications during Pregnancy
    43. Clinical Conundrums – Managing AFib & Device Therapies in HF – Case-Based Debates
    44. SESSION 37 – Advocacy Committee The Multidimensional Challenge of Drug Pricing and Preapprovals
    45. SESSION 39 – The Spectrum of Care for Patients with Genetic Cardiomyopathies
    46. SESSION 38 – Late Breaking Clinical Trials
    47. SESSION 40 – Ten Simple Tips Management of Patients with Diabetes and HF
    48. SESSION 41 – Functional Mitral Regurgitation An Update on Treatment Strategies
    49. SESSION 42 – Barriers to Implementation of New Therapies
    50. SESSION 53 – Late Breaking Clinical Trials and Insights with Angiotensin Receptor Neprilysn Inhibitors
    51. SESSION 43 – Ten Simple Tips How to Best Treat Volume Overload in Acute HF
    52. SESSION 44 – New Insights in Cardio-Oncology
    53. SESSION 45 – Understanding the Heart-Brain Connection New Insights in Cognitive Impairment and Sleep-Disordered Breathing
    54. SESSION 46 – The New Heart Transplantation Allocation
    55. SESSION 47 – Pharmacist-Driven Transition of Care and Optimization Clinics
    56. SESSION 54 – HF Awareness in African Americans
    57. SESSION 48 – HYDE PARK
    58. SESSION 49 – Addressing the Recovered Ejection Fraction Is It Still Heart Failure
    59. SESSION 50 – Ten Simple Tips Managing Patients Across the Spectrum of Pulmonary Hypertension
    60. SESSION 51 – The Psychosocial Assessment of the Advanced HF Patient
    61. SESSION 52 – Learning Health Systems, Real World Evidence and HF Hype or Reality

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