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38 Videos

Overview – Topics/Speakers:

General Meeting Information
The HFSA Virtual Board Certification Review 2020 will be comprised of renowned heart failure experts presenting curriculum that has been tailored to the actual ABIM examination.
Intended Audience
The HFSA Virtual Board Certification Review 2020 is designed for physicians who are preparing to take the ABIM Advanced Heart Failure & Transplant Cardiology Board Certification Exam.
Learning Objectives
Upon completion of the activity, participants will demonstrate improved competence and ability to:

For the Certification Examination in Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology:

Identify gaps in knowledge about advanced heart failure and transplant cardiology
Focus study efforts on filling identified knowledge gaps
Practice for the certification examination with ABIM-style multiple-choice test question

-Describe the epidemiology of heart failure, including environmental factors, and implement strategies for the prevention of heart failure
-Describe the pathophysiology of heart failure, including normal physiology and compensatory and maladaptive mechanisms
-Assess and follow the patient with acute or advanced heart failure, using non-invasive and invasive tests and biomarkers.
-Implement guideline-based therapy for patients with chronic heart failure, including pharmacologic agents; non-pharmacologic options, such as diet and exercise; and implantable devices
-Implement appropriate care strategies for patients undergoing chemotherapy or with pulmonary hypertension, heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, or cardiorenal syndrome.
-Manage comorbidities in patients with chronic heart failure, including sleep disordered breathing, anemia, and depression
-Implement strategies for effective disease management of the patient with advanced heart failure, including palliative care and transition to outpatient care
-Provide peri-operative management of heart failure patients undergoing cardiac transplantation or implantation of a mechanical circulatory device
-Concise presentations by national experts will focus on blueprint content and will be augmented by board-review type questions posed using an audience-response system.

Topics ; 


01 Heart Failure Epidemiology and Risk Factors
02 Pathophysiology I – Cellular and Energetic Considerations
03 Pathophysiology II – Hemodynamic, Structural, and Neurohormonal Considerations
04 Diagnosis and Clinical Assessment
05 Device Therapy in Heart Failure
06 Cardio-Oncology for the HF Boards
07 Clinico-Pathologic Correlates in Heart Failure_ Images for the Heart Failure Boards

Day 1 

01 Welcome _ HFSA Introduction – Day 1
02 Advanced Heart Failure – Defining the Phenotype and Patient Selection for Advanced Therapies
03 Immunology – The Basics, PRA, Sensitization, Crossmatch
04 Rejection – Cellular and Antibody Mediated
05 Managing Immunosuppression and Drugs
06 Heart Transplant, Clinical Outcomes and Complications

Day 2 

Welcome _ Introductions – Day 2
01 Hemodynamics in HF I
02 Hemodynamics in HF II
03 Drug Therapy for Chronic HF I – Focus on Established Therapies
04 Drug Therapy for Chronic HF II – Focus on Newer Therapies
05 HFpEF – Epidemiology, Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Management (for the boards)
06 Management of the Hospitalized HF Patient
07 Management of Common Arrhythmias in HF (including AF)
08 Management of Comorbidities in Heart Failure
09 Specific Etiologies of HF I – Common Etiologies (CAD, ETOH, Peripartum, Myocarditis)
10 Specific Etiologies of HF II – Inherited HF Syndromes (including HCM, ARVC, and LVNC)
11 Specific Etiologies of HF III – Infiltrative Disorders and Restrictive Cardiomyopathy (Amyloidosis, Sarcoidosis, Hemochromatosis, Fabry)
12 Adult Congenital Heart Disease for the HF Specialist
13 Q_A Panel I

Day 3 

Welcome _ Introductions – Day 3
01 Cardiogenic Shock Management
02 MCS I – Durable MCS Devices and Outcomes
03 MCS II – Temporary Support Devices and ECMO for the Boards
04 MCS III – MCS Complications and Patient Management
05 MCS IV – Troubleshooting (with HARVI)
06 Assessment of Functional Capacity Including Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing
07 Issues in Chronic HF Disease Management (Biomarkers, Remote Monitoring, Lifestyle Interventions)
08 Management of Valvular Heart Disease in Heart Failure (including functional MR, low gradient AS, tricuspid regurgitation)
09 Pulmonary Hypertension
10 Q_A Panel II

Release Date : August 2020

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