Highlights in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Imaging 2019


23 Videos


Course Introduction: Highlights in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Imaging 2019 Download Link


23 Videos

Overview – Topics/Speakers:

Covering topics such as lung cancer imaging and high-resolution CT, as well as emergency imaging of the chest—including trauma, pulmonary thromboembolism, and pulmonary infection—this Online Course also contains two modules dedicated to case reviews of CT and MR imaging of the cardiovascular system. Access to all cases is included, so you can follow along with the course presenters.

Learning Outcomes and Lectures

After completing this course, the learner should be able to:

– implement guidelines for the evaluation and management of pulmonary nodules

– list imaging manifestations of primary lung cancer and important aspects of imaging staging of primary lung cancer

– interpret lung screening exams based on Lung-RADS™ categories

– interpret HRCT studies and correctly diagnose and categorize cases of pulmonary fibrosis

– implement best practices in interpretation of CT pulmonary angiography

– integrate cardiovascular imaging into daily practice


Module 1
* Solitary Pulmonary Nodule—M. Rosado de Christenson
* Lung Cancer Imaging—S. Betancourt
* Lung Cancer Screening—M. Rosado de Christenson
* Thoracic FDG PET/CT—S. Betancourt
Module 2
* Chest Trauma—D. Vargas
* Approach to Mediastinal Masses—S. Bhalla
* Diseases of the Pleura—D. Vargas
Module 3
* Basic HRCT Patterns—G. Abbott
* Approach to Cystic Lung Disease—B. Elicker
* Fibrotic Lung Disease—G. Abbott
Module 4
* Bronchiolitis for the General Radiologist—S. Martinez-Jimenez
* Smoking-Related Diseases—B. Elicker
* CT for Pulmonary Embolism—S. Bhalla
* Pulmonary Infection—S. Martinez-Jimenez
Module 5
* Cardiac CT: Evidence Base in 2019—U. Schoepf
* Cardiovascular CT: Best Practice Image Acquisition Techniques—C. De Cecco
* Vascular CT: Indications, Applications, Findings, and Evidence—H. Becker
* CT Imaging of Cardiac Structure and Function—U. Schoepf
Module 6
* Cardiovascular MRI: Best Practice Image Acquisition Techniques—C. De Cecco
* Cardiovascular MRI: Indications, Applications, Findings, and Evidence—C. De Cecco
* Integrating Cardiac Imaging in Your Practice—H. Becker
Module 7
* Cardiovascular CT Case Review—U. Schoepf and H. Becker
Module 8
* Cardiovascular MR Case Review—C. De Cecco

Date of issuance: 12/16/2019
Date of expiration: 12/15/2022

Delivery Method

you will receive download link of the course, the link will NOT expire and can be used anytime



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