ARRS Imaging in the ICU Online Course 2022


Format : 10 Videos , File Size : 526.46 MB

Course Introduction: Imaging in the ICU Online Course 2022 Download Link


Format : 10 Videos , File Size : 526.46 MB

Overview – Topics/Speakers:

This course focuses on the application of imaging, as a fundamental tool for diagnosis and management, in Critical Care Units. The most commonly requested imaging modality is portable radiography which is very valuable in differentiating common clinical scenarios, fluid management and handling of life-support lines and tubes. Computerized Tomography is spared for more complex situations and further assists with decision-making, particularly when it comes to invasive procedures. Portable ultrasound has found numerous indications in critically-ill patients, provides diagnostic aid and guides bedside procedures. This course covers a variety of illnesses, involving different body organs, which are commonly encountered in ICU setting and explains utility of imaging in diagnosis, problem solving, and facilitating procedures in critically ill patients.
Target Audience:
The target audience for this activity is radiologists at all training levels with an interest in ICU imaging.
Goals and Objectives:

After completing the material in this article, the learner should be able to:

  1. Review the risk factors and causes of nosocomial pulmonary infection.
  2. Discuss common circulatory assist devices used in the ICU, common indications for use, and mechanisms of action.
  3. Discuss neuroimaging evaluation in patients presenting with delirium.
  4. Review safety assessment using ultrasound.

Module 1

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  • Charles White is a member of the advisory board for Riverain Medical.
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Module 2

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