ISCCM 8th Annual Critical Care Refresher Course 2020


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Course Introduction: ISCCM 8th Annual Critical Care Refresher Course 2020 Download Link


376 Files (.mp4 format + PDF Files )

Overview – Topics/Speakers:

Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine was established on 9th October, 1993, in Mumbai, India. It is the largest non-profit association of Indian Physicians, Nurses, Physiotherapists and other allied health care professionals involved in the care of the critically ill. ISCCM which was started with a small group of consultants, from Mumbai, is now having membership of 12046, comprising of 87 city branches all across the India with headquarter at Mumbai
A 5-day Capsule Course covering various aspects of Critical Care.
Helpful for preparation of ISCCM, National Board and EDIC Theory & Practical Examination

Day 1 : 
1 Hemodynamic monitoring – the basics
2 Guillian Barre Syndrome and Myasthenia Gravis
3 Extra Corporeal life support devices
4 A patient post solid organ transplant
5 My patient has GI bleed Variceal Non-variceal
6 Instruments
7 A critically ill pregnant patient
8 A polytrauma patient
9 A patient with sudden onset headache but worst of his life
10 Antimicrobial drugs
11 Thrombocytopenia and coagulopathies in ICU
12 The screen on ventilator curves and loops
13 Skin and soft tissue catastrophe time is less to treat
14 Hemodynamic monitoring – beyond basics
15 Fungal infections in ICU – new headache
16 Seizure in critically ill

Day 2 
1 Patient with tense abdomen, high pressures with or without organ failures
2 Dysnatremias in ICU am still confused
3 Newer oral anticoagulants – drugs risk and control of bleeding
4 A patient with AKI – how and when do I dialyze
5 Bitten by a venomous snake
6 Whom when and how to feed a critically ill patient Will he land up with refeeding backlash
7 Unknown substance overdose how do I manage
8 Principles of aerosol therapy in critical care
9 How do I interpret my ABG
10 Right heart failure intensivists nightmare
11 Imaging relevant to critical care
12 A potential organ donor in ICU how do I optimize
13 Hyperglycemic emergencies in critical care
14 Fluid responsiveness beyond 30mlkg
15 Does my patient really have HAPVAP If yes how do I manage
16 Oxygen therapy devices in ICU
Day 3 
1 Plasma exchange in critical care – when and how to do
2 Bulging brain how do I control
3 Abdominal catastrophies in intensive care
4 Tropical fever in critical care
5 Acute pancreatitis identification to management
6 Antimicrobial dosing in critical care
7 What to do after cardiac arrest TTM and post cardiac arrest care
8 How to appraise a research paper
9 A patient with fever altered sensorium with or without seizures
10 Intracranial hypertension definition pathophysiology techniques to measure and interpretation
11 Ventilation induced lung injury how do I prevent
12 A patient in cardiac failure with or without poor heart
13 PEEP titration in various diseases in intensive care
14 A patient with acute confusional state in ICU
15 Brain stem death assessment and declaration
16 Drowning classification and management
Day 4 : 
1 Traumatic brain injury
2 My patient continues to remain hypoxic how do I manage
3 Electrolytes disturbances other than sodium yes we do exist
4 A patient with sudden onset of slurring of speech with weakness in limbs
5 A patient with breathing difficulty with or without history of smoking and atopy
6 A patient with acute onset jaundice coagulopathy and encephalopathy
7 A patient with sudden onset pain in legs with circulatory collapse
8 A patient with extremely high blood pressures with or without organ failures
9 Morbid Obesity and Critical illness is there a reason to panic
10 Endocrine emergencies in critical care – rare but life threatening
11 Practice changing studies in critical care – I
12 A febrile patient with no neutrophils
13 Practice changing studies in critical care -II
14 A decompensated chronic liver disease patient in my ICU
15 A burns patient in ICU
16 How do I interpret my ECG
Day 5 :
1 Non-invasive ventilation and Bipap settings to guidelines
2 Various methods by which I can wean my patient from ventilator
3 AKI Definition pathophysiology diagnosis and prevention
4 An unanticipated difficult airway in icu
5 Hematological emergencies in icu including HLH
6 A patient with cough fever breathlessness and infiltrates on xray
7 Life threatening hemorrhage acute coagulopathy of trauma and massive transfusion in icu
8 Ventilation beyond basics
9 Drugs II
10 Heat stroke and heat exhaustion HAPE AMS and HACE
11 OP Poisoning
12 Critical illness polyneuromyopathy Risk factors diagnosis and management

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