Mayo Clinic on Incontinence: Strategies and Treatments for Improving Bowel and Bladder Control (Audiobook)


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Course Introduction: Mayo Clinic on Incontinence: Strategies and Treatments for Improving Bowel and Bladder Control (Audiobook) Download Link


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By Paul D. Pettit, Anita H. Chen, Cindy Kay, Recorded Books

For those living with incontinence, an overactive bladder can make day-to-day life unmanageable. Mayo Clinic on Incontinence is a modern-day guide to the new medications, therapies, treatment plans, and surgical options available to those living with incontinence.

If you’re suffering from unwanted symptoms of incontinence – like an uncontrollable bladder and bowel problems – you’re not alone. Millions of Americans struggle daily with issues related to urinary or fecal incontinence, and the effects can be invasive and debilitating. And while many believe incontinence is an age-related issue, the condition prevents patients of all ages from enjoying an active and carefree lifestyle.

What most Americans don’t know is that incontinence can be improved and, in some cases, even cured. Simple changes to everyday behaviors can ease symptoms of incontinence, while medications and minimally invasive procedures, like injections, can bring long-lasting relief to patients. And in more serious cases, surgical procedures can assist in relieving and often curing problems related to the condition.

Penned by two of Mayo Clinic’s leading urogynecologists, Mayo Clinic on Incontinence outlines the common causes of incontinence and provides tailored treatment advice for patients of all demographics. Listeners will also find tools for enhanced living with incontinence, including tips to reduce the risk of developing incontinence, minimize issues while out in public, and boost overall sexual health and wellness.

With more than 10,000 patients treated for incontinence by the Mayo Clinic each year, this book provides a source of hope from the experts who are leading the efforts to treat and cure incontinence.

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