Pathology Board Review 2020


42 Video Files (.mp4 format) + 2 PDF File

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42 Video Files (.mp4 format) + 2 PDF File

Overview – Topics/Speakers:

Pathology Board Review presents a comprehensive array of pathology topics, from head to toe in anatomic pathology, to the nuts and bolts of running a multidisciplinary clinical pathology laboratory with support for highly specialized testing. This online CME course will guide you in applying  relevant concepts to the pathology boards examination, and help you to better:

  • Define high-yield concepts within anatomic pathology, including neoplasm recognition and subclassification
  • Discuss mesenchymal and hematopoietic neoplasms
  • Explain basic concepts in placental pathology
  • Describe laboratory management concepts and their use with transfusion medicine, blood banking, chemistry, immunology, microbiology, cytogenetics, and more


Anatomic Pathology

  • Breast Pathology – Ryan Jones, MD
  • Dermatopathology – Robert Moore, MD
  • Gastrointestinal Pathology – Part I – Kristen Stashek, MD
  • Gastrointestinal Pathology – Part II – Kristen Stashek, MD
  • Liver Pathology – Kathleen Byrnes, MD
  • Soft Tissue Pathology – John M. Gross, MD
  • Bone Pathology – John M. Gross, MD
  • Head and Neck Pathology – Lisa Rooper, MD
  • Get Pumped Up: Cardiovascular Pathology Board Review – Melanie Bois, MD
  • Thoracic Pathology – Mitra Mehrad, MD
  • Pediatric and Placental Pathology – Amy Treece, MD
  • Cytopathology I – Gynecologic Cytopathology – Christopher VandenBussche, MD, PhD
  • Cytopathology II – Fluids – Christopher VandenBussche, MD, PhD
  • Cytopathology III – Fine Needle Aspiration – Christopher VandenBussche, MD, PhD
  • Forensic Pathology – Stephanie Dean, MD
  • Medical Renal Pathology for the Boards – Jonathan Zuckerman, MD, PhD
  • Gynecologic Pathology – Maryam Shahi, MD
  • Genitourinary Pathology Part I – Kidney, Bladder, Penis, Scrotum – Andres Matoso, MD
  • Genitourinary Pathology Part II – Testis, and Prostate – Andres Matoso, MD
  • Neuropathology – Fausto Rodriguez, MD
  • Hematopathology – Lymph Nodes – Madhurima Koka, MD, PhD
  • Bone Marrow Pathology – Zeba Singh, MBBS

Clinical Pathology

  • Transfusion Medicine I – Eric Gehrie, MD
  • Transfusion Medicine II – Eric Gehrie, MD
  • Chemistry I – Stefani Thomas, PhD, NRCC
  • Chemistry II – Stefani Thomas, PhD, NRCC
  • Chemistry III – Stefani Thomas, PhD, NRCC
  • Chemistry IV – Stefani Thomas, PhD, NRCC
  • Hematology – Garrett S. Booth, MD, MS
  • Benign White Blood Cell Disorders – Garrett S. Booth, MD, MS
  • Coagulation – Geoffrey Wool, MD, PhD
  • Immunology and Flow Cytometry – Laura Wake, MD
  • Molecular Pathology – Jialing Huang, MD, PhD
  • Microbiology I – Bacteriology – Alexander J. Fenwick, MD, FCAP
  • Microbiology II – Mycobacteria – Alexander J. Fenwick, MD, FCAP
  • Microbiology III – Mycology – Alexander J. Fenwick, MD, FCAP
  • Microbiology IV – Parasitology – Alexander J. Fenwick, MD, FCAP
  • Microbiology V – Virology – Alexander J. Fenwick, MD, FCAP
  • Cytogenetics – Jennelle Hodge, PhD
  • Overview of Laboratory Management: Principles and Practical Aspects – Christopher Tormey, MD
  • Overview of Laboratory Mathematics & Statistics: Principles and Practical Examples – Christopher Tormey, MD

Date of Original Release: July 15, 2020
Date of Credits Expire: July 15, 2023


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