Penn Radiology Astute Body and MSK Imaging 2023


Format : 30 Videos , File Size : 2.93 GB

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Format : 30 Videos , File Size : 2.93 GB

Overview – Topics/Speakers:

Astute Body and MSK Imaging features a detailed analysis of abdominal, pelvic and musculoskeletal radiologic subspecialties.  Expert faculty from Penn Radiology and other esteemed institutions focus on practical, evidence based information to build interpretive skills and diagnostic confidence.  The didactic presentations and case reviews throughout this activity emphasize modality advances and protocol selection

Penn Radiology Astute Body & MSK Imaging

Session 1: Abdominal

Benign Lesions of the Liver Mishal Mendiratta-Lala, MD
Malignant Lesions and Lesions in the Cirrhotic Liver Mishal Mendiratta-Lala, MD
Acute Abdominal Traumarama Mishal Mendiratta-Lala, MD
Below the Diaphragm: After Hours Misses and Interpretive Errors Mishal Mendiratta-Lala, MD
Abdominal Interventional Pearls: Understanding the Role of the Radiologist Mishal Mendiratta-Lala, MD
Q&A Multiple Faculty

Session 2: MSK I

MR Imaging of the Shoulder: Labrum– What the Surgeon Wants to Know Jenny T. Bencardino, MD
MRI of Knee Menisci Jenny T. Bencardino, MD
Case Based Review of MSK Radiology: Wrist and Hand Jenny T. Bencardino, MD
Imaging Hip Injuries Jenny T. Bencardino, MD
MR Neurography of the Lumbosacral Plexus Jenny T. Bencardino, MD

Session 3: Pelvis

Acute Bowel Pathology: The Itis’s Mishal Mendiratta-Lala, MD
Chronic Pelvic Pain: Maximizing the 16 Shades of Gray Jill E. Langer, MD
Ectopic Pregnancy– Usual and Unusual Suspects Jill E. Langer, MD
RUQ Pain: More Than Just Looking For Gallstones Jill E. Langer, MD
Scrotal Sonography: Pearls and Pitfalls Jill E. Langer, MD

Session 4: MSK II

Hip: Labrum &  FAI Jason W. Stephenson, MD
Take a Look at the Marrow: Basic and Advanced MR Imaging Jason W. Stephenson, MD
Some Strings Attached: Acute and Chronic Sports Muscle and Tendon Injuries Jason W. Stephenson, MD
Bone Biopsy: The Path to Success Jason W. Stephenson, MD
Missed Diagnoses in Sports Medicine: A Survival Guide Jason W. Stephenson, MD
Pathologic, Insufficiency and Fatigue Injuries Jason W. Stephenson, MD
Q&A Multiple Faculty

Session 5: Pediatric

Why is This Child Tachypneic and How Can I Sort it Out? Janet R. Reid, MD
Navigating the Urinary Tract in Young Children Janet R. Reid, MD
Beyond Barium for Pediatric Bowel Disease Janet R. Reid, MD
An Organized, Protocol-Driven Approach to Common Pediatric Problems Janet R. Reid, MD
Refusal to Bear Weight: Identifying the Elusive Cause Through Complementary Imaging Janet R. Reid, MD
MSK Infection: What You Didn’t Learn in Residency Janet R. Reid, MD
Child Abuse or Not?  When to Make the Call Janet R. Reid, MD

Release date: June 1, 2023

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