Duke Radiology – 8th Mammograms to MRI – Breast Imaging and Interventions 2018


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Overview – Topics/Speakers:

Duke Radiology – 8th Mammograms to MRI – Breast Imaging and Interventions 2018

Duke Radiology’s 8th Mammograms to MRI is designed to provide a comprehensive review of established breast imaging modalities along with an update to the many advances in techniques.  Practical advice will cultivate a complete discussion of analog and digital mammography, breast ultrasound, MRI and interventions.  This strong foundation promotes an exploration of newer technologies, such as tomosynthesis.

Topics:  2D and 3D mammography, screening, Breast Cancer, biopsy, Breast MRI, Ultrasound, BIRADS, Lymph Nodes, High Risk Lesions, Surgery, Tomosynthesis and much more!

Session 1: Mammography & Screening

Mammography BIRADS – Soup to Nuts Jay A. Baker MD
Mammography BIRADS – Calcifications Jay A. Baker MD
How to Answer Key Questions on Screening Without Getting Lost in the Weeds Jay A. Baker MD
Screening the Dense Breast: The Latest Updates Johnson-K

Session 2: Breast Cancer

Probably Benign: Rules of the Game Jay A. Baker MD
Probably Benign: The Consequences of Broken Rules Jay A. Baker MD
20/20 Hindsight: What Can We Learn From Missed Cancers? Mary Scott Soo MD
Imaging as a Biomarker Karen Johnson MD
Q&A Baker, & Ghate

Session 3: Biopsy

Breast Imaging From the Patient’s Perspective Mary Scott Soo MD
Cancel That Biopsy! Jay A. Baker MD
Pre-Surgical Localizations Mary Scott Soo MD
After the Biopsy: Rad-Path Correlation Mary Scott Soo MD

Session 4: Ultrasound & MRI: BIRADS and Challenges

BIRADS and Breast Ultrasound Karen Johnson MD
Artifacts and Pitfalls in Breast Ultrasound Jay A. Baker MD
Breast MRI BIRADS Update Sujata Ghate MD
Challenging Cases on Breast MRI Sujata Ghate MD
Q&A Baker, Johnson, & Soo

Session 5: Lymph Nodes, High Risk Lesions and Surgery

Lymph Nodes Update: Managing the Axilla Sujata Ghate MD
High Risk Breast Lesions: Management Following Core Needle Biopsy Karen Johnson MD
Breast Surgeries: Implants and Reconstruction Sujata Ghate MD
Beware the Nipple-Areolar Complex Sujata Ghate MD
Q&A Ghate, Johnson, & Soo

Session 6: Tomosynthesis and Emerging Topics

Breast Tomosynthesis: Practical Tips Mary Scott Soo MD
Tomosynthesis Cases Ghate, Johnson, & Soo
Young, Pregnant and Male Karen Johnson MD
Communicating With Patients in Breast Imaging: Tune In! Mary Scott Soo MD
Q&A Ghate, Johnson, & Soo

Release Date: 11/15/18
CME Expiration: 11/14/21

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