QMP Beauty Through Science 2019 Live Surgery Video Series


9 Videos

Course Introduction: QMP Beauty Through Science 2019 Live Surgery Video Series Download Link


9 Videos

Overview – Topics/Speakers:

The Beauty Through Science 2019 Live Surgery Video Series is now available. This video set features 9 live surgeries (6 hours of operative video) performed by expert surgeons.

If you missed this event, here’s a second chance to bring the Beauty Through Science Meeting into the comfort of your own home or office.

Breast Surgery and Body Contouring

  • Case 1:  Preserving the Augmentation by Replacing Breast Implants With Fat – Roger K. Khouri, MD
  • Case 2:  Male Abdominal High-Definition Liposuction – Alexander Aslani, MD
  • Case 3:  Breast Augmentation: Anatomical TrueFixation Implants – Federico Mayo Martín, MD
  • Case 4:  Breast Augmentation: Lightweight Implants – Patrick Mallucci, MD
  • Case 5:  Breast Augmentation: MemoryGel Xtra – Reha Yavuzer, MD

Facial Surgery

  • Case 6:  Face-Neck Lifting With Submandibular Gland Resection From the Lateral Approach – Mario Pelle Ceravolo, MD
  • Case 7:  Minimally Invasive Facial Suture Suspension – Tunç Tiryaki, MD
  • Case 8:  Facial Microfat and Nanofat Grafting – Mario Goisis, MD
  • Case 9:  Lower Lid Blepharoplasty With Canthopexy – Giovanni Botti, MD

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