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Overview – Topics/Speakers:

For 40 years, the Society of Computed Body Tomography and Magnetic Resonance has featured the brightest minds in radiology presenting the hottest topics and latest advances in Body CT and MR.  We celebrate this landmark anniversary with the largest Annual Course ever, containing approximately 40 hours of content from almost 90 experts!  This activity contains enough credits to meet the entire Self Assessment requirement for ABR Maintenance of Certification (MOC).  Additionally, the SCBT-MR 40th Annual Course meets ACR CME requirements for accreditation in both CT and MR!

Topics: Multi Energy CT, Abdominal, Bowel, Pelvis, Technical Advances, Liver, Hot Topics, Gadolinium Deposition, Kidney, Pancreas, Thoracic, Cardiac and Interventional Imaging, as well as and multiple workshops.

HD video capture includes speaker’s cursor movements. 

SCBT-MR 40th Annual Course Agenda

Session 1 – CT Technical Advances
Advances in CT Technology Hans-Christoph Becker, MD
Recent Advances in CT Radiation Dose Reduction Techniques Kalpana Kanal, PhD, FSCBTMR
Optimizing Oral and IV Contrast Media for Multi-Energy CT Dushyant Sahani, MD, FSCBTMR
Steroid Preps: New Data Motivating New Policy Matthew Davenport, MD, FSCBTMR
Question & Answer
Session 2 – Abdominal & Bowel Imaging
Debate: CT for IBD Evaluation Joel Platt, MD, FSCBTMR
Debate: MR Enterography for IBD Evaluation Michael Gee, MD, PhD
CT vs. MRE Debate Discussion
Small Bowel Obstruction: When to Worry? Eric Paulson, MD, FSCBTMR
Tumors and Tumor-like Conditions of the Mesentery and Omentum Isaac Francis, MBBS, FSCBTMR
CT Colonography: Structured Reporting and QA Elizabeth McFarland, MD, FSCBTMR
MRI of Rectal Cancer Ihab Kamel, MD, PhD, FSCBTMR
Question & Answer
Session 3 – Impact of Technical Advances on Radiology
Building Healthcare AI Keith Dreyer, DO, PhD, FACR, FSIIM
Question & Answer Keith Dreyer, DO, PhD, FACR, FSIIM
Starting Your 3D Printing Practice Scott Reeder, MD, PhD, FSCBTMR
Reports of the Future Are Here Now Les Folio, DO, FSCBTMR
Grace Under Fire: Tools to Maintain Productivity and Decrease Stress Desiree Morgan, MD, FSCBTMR
ACR Assist Tools for Clinical Decision Support Reporting Lincoln Berland, MD, FSCBTMR
Question & Answer
Session 4 – Pelvic MRI
Adherence to Adnexal Incidentaloma Recommendations: Can We Do Better? Susan Ascher, MD, FSCBTMR
What’s New in Prostate MRI Jeffrey Weinreb MD, FSCBTMR
Mesh and Slings: Post-Operative Imaging in the Pelvic Floor Gaurav Khatri, MD
MRI of Athletic Pubalgia Christopher Beaulieu, MD, PhD, FSCBTMR
MRI of Endometriosis Evan Siegelman, MD, FSCBTMR
Question & Answer
Session 5 – Liver Imaging
Fat and Iron Quantification in Liver MRI Scott Reeder, MD, PhD, FSCBTMR
New Developments in MR Elastography Richard Ehman, MD, FSCBTMR
Liver Fat Fibrosis and HCC with DECT Dushyant Sahani, MD, FSCBTMR
LI-RADS 2017: Updates Claude Sirlin, MD
Hepatocellular Adenomas: 2017 Update Srinivasa Prasad, MD, FSCBTMR
Wide Detector Multi-Pass Arterial Phase CT for Hyper-Enhancing Liver Lesions William Shuman, MD, FSCBTMR
Question &  Answer
Session 6 – Beyond Interpretation
PRACTICE PEARLS: The Diagnostic Process: More Than Just Interpreting Images Matthew Davenport, MD, FSCBTMR
PRACTICE PEARLS: Costing in Radiology and Healthcare Geoffrey Rubin, MD, FSCBTMR
Mergers and Acquisitions: What’s Going On? Eric Paulson, MD, FSCBTMR
Imaging Improvement: Aiming at Patient Outcomes Ella Kazerooni, MD, MS, FSCBTMR
Implementation of a Radiology Clinical Research Office Ivan Pedrosa, MD, FSCBTMR
Question & Answer
Session 7 – Gadolinium Deposition
New ACR Rules for eGFR Monitoring Before Contrast-Enhanced MR Matthew Davenport, MD, FSCBTMR
Gd Deposition Debate: Linear Agents Should No Longer Be Used Jonathan Dillman, MD, MSc
Gd Deposition Debate: Linear Agents Can Continue To Be Used Scott Reeder, MD, PhD, FSCBTMR
Panel Discussion: 2-3 Case Scenarios – What Would You Do?
Session 8 – Kidney and Pancreas
DEBATE:  CT vs MR for Evaluating Renal Masses The Case for CT Stuart Silverman, MD, FSCBTMR
DEBATE:  CT vs MR for Evaluating Renal Masses The Case for MR Ivan Pedrosa, MD, FSCBTMR
CT vs. MR For Evaluating Renal Masses: Debate Discussion
Managing the Incidental Renal Mass – What’s New? Brian Herts, MD, FSCBTMR
Pediatric Renal Masses Donald Frush, MD, FSCBTMR
Essential Report Elements for the Indeterminate Renal Mass Andrew Smith, MD, PhD, FSCBTMR
Review of New Pancreatic ACR Incidental Findings Recommendations Lincoln Berland, MD, FSCBTMR
Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors Eric Tamm, MD, FSCBTMR
Question & Answer
Session 9 – Thoracic and Cardiac Imaging
Lung Cancer Screening: Update on Practice Performance Ella Kazerooni, MD, MS, FSCBTMR
Small Airway Diseases Philip Costello, MD, FSCBTMR
Incidental Findings on Chest CT Reginald Munden, MD, FSCBTMR
The Economics of Coronary CTA Geoffrey Rubin, MD, FSCBTMR
Cardiac CT in Adult Congenital Heart Satinder Singh, MD
Practical Utility of DECT in Cardiothoracic Imaging Prabhakar Rajiah, MD
Cardiac CT – State of the Art in 2017 Philipp von Knebel Doeberitz, MD
Question & Answer
Session 10 – Interventional and Functional Imaging
Renal Mass Biopsy: Needed Now More Than Ever Stuart Silverman, MD, FSCBTMR
Management of Complex Procedures David Bolus, MD
State of the Art Assessment of Treatment Response Using Functional MR Imaging Ihab Kamel, MD, PhD, FSCBTMR
Planning and Response Assessment to Loco-Regional Therapies Daniel Brown, MD
Never Say No: Tricks for That Impossible Access for Biopsy and Drainage Olga Brook, MD, FSBCTMR
ABCs of Immunotherapy Priya Bhosale, MD, FSCBTMR
Question & Answer
Session 11 – Don’t Let This Happen to You: Cases We Would Like to Do Over
Case 1 Brian Herts, MD, FSCBTMR
Case 2 Sheela Agarwal, MD
Case 3 Avinash Kambadakone Ramesh, MBBS, MD, FSCBTMR
Case 4 Joseph Yacoub MD
Case 5 Desiree Morgan, MD, FSCBTMR
Case 6 Geoffrey Wile, MD
Case 7 Eric Paulson, MD, FSCBTMR
Case 8 Andrew Hardie, MD, FSCBTMR
Case 9 Andrew Bowman, MD, PhD
Case 10 Les Folio, DO, FSCBTMR
Session 12 – Multi-Energy Workshop I: Technology, Workflow and Image Processing
Single Source DECT Workflow Desiree Morgan, MD, FSCBTMR
Dual Source MECT Workflow Andrew Hardie, MD, FSCBTMR
Detector Based MECT Workflow Lakshmi Ananthakrishnan, MD
Technologist’s Perspective Travis Redel, RT (R) (CT)
Designing MECT Protocols, Artifacts, and Radiation Dose Rendon Nelson, MD, FSCBTMR
Question and Answer Session
Session 13 – Multi-Energy Workshop II: Material Separation, MSK and ER Applications
Material Separation in Multi-Energy CT Andrew Hardie, MD, FSCBTMR
Optimizing Oral and IV Contrast Use with MECT (including CTA) Dushyant Sahani, MD, FSCBTMR
DECT MSK Applications Daniele Marin, MD, FSCBTMR
Dual Energy Chest CT: Applications in Pulmonary Embolism and Lung Masses Subba Digumarthy, MD
MECT in Emergency Department Avinash Kambadakone Ramesh, MBBS, MD, FSCBTMR
Session 14 – Multi-Energy Workshop III: Multi-System Applications
Hepatic Dual Energy CT William Shuman, MD, FSCBTMR
DECT of the Pancreas Desiree Morgan, MD, FSCBTMR
MECT in Kidneys and Adrenal Ravi Kaza, MD
Gastrointestinal Tract Hersh Chandarana, MD
MECT in Pediatric Patients Marilyn Siegel, MD, FSCBTMR
Question and Answer
Session 15 – Liver and Pancreas Workshops
Imaging and Managing Pancreatic Cystic Lesions Lauren Alexander, MD & Gaurav Khatri, MD
Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma: What You Need to Know Andrew Bowman, MD, PhD & Bhavik Patel, MD
Talking to Your Hepatologists and Colleagues about LI-RADS Joseph Yacoub MD & Claude Sirlin, MD
Portal Venous Abnormalities: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Reena Jha, MD, FSCBTMR & Aarti Sekhar, MD
Interesting and Challenging Liver Cases Sudhakar Venkatesh, MD, FSCBTMR & Michael Wells, MD
Session 16 – Oncologic Imaging  and Tumor Response Workshops
Retroperitoneal Sarcomas: What the Surgeon and Oncologist Want to Know Isaac Francis, MBBS, FSCBTMR & Aarti Sekhar, MD
Endocrine Tumor Imaging in the Abdomen Michael Blake, FFR(RCSI) FRCR, FSCBTMR
Assessing the Many Faces of Tumor Response Les Folio, DO, FSCBTMR
Tumor Response Assessment Marilyn Siegel, MD, FSCBTMR & Hans-Christoph Becker, MD
Imaging of Hereditary Cancer Syndromes Venkata Katabathina, MD & Srinivasa Prasad, MD, FSCBTMR
Tips, Tricks and Pitfalls in Body Oncology CT Dushyant Sahani, MD, FSCBTMR & Alexander Guimaraes, MD, PhD
Session 17 – Cardiothoracic Workshops
Cardiac Imaging- Case Based Review Satinder Singh, MD & Prabhakar Rajiah, MD
Lung Cancer Staging: Current Concepts Subba Digumarthy, MD
MRI of the Brachial Plexus Christopher Beaulieu, MD, PhD, FSCBTMR
Session 18 – Practice Enhancements: DECT, MRE and More
MR Elastography: The Essentials Richard Ehman, MD, FSCBTMR & Sudhakar Venkatesh, MD, FSCBTMR
The Radiologist as a Clinician; Multidisciplinary Approach to Procedural Practice Building David Bolus, MD  & Olga Brook, MD, FSBCTMR
MRI-Guided Interventions: How to Build a Successful Service Jurgen Futterer, MD, PhD, FSCBTMR
Problem Solving Abdominal CT with Dual Energy Desiree Morgan, MD, FSCBTMR & Daniele Marin, MD, FSCBTMR
Multi-Vendor DECT Integration into Practice Rendon Nelson, MD, FSCBTMR
Protocol Development and Radiation Dose Considerations with DECT Rendon Nelson, MD, FSCBTMR & Bhavik Patel, MD
Session 19 – Pelvic and Bowel Imaging Workshops
MRI of Endometriosis with Pre and Post-Operative Correlation Wendaline VanBuren, MD, Candice Bookwalter, MD, PhD & Shannon Sheedy, MD
Imaging and Staging of Ovarian Cancer Evan Siegelman, MD, FSCBTMR
CT Colonography: Clinical Case Review Elizabeth McFarland, MD, FSCBTMR & Abhijit Roychowdhury, MD
CT of the Small Bowel Joel Platt, MD, FSCBTMR
Session 20– Image Interpretation Panel
Image Interpretation Panel


Release date: December 1, 2017
Expiration date: November 30, 2020

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