QMP Safe and Predictable Breast Augmentation


5 Videos

Course Introduction: QMP Safe and Predictable Breast Augmentation Download Link


5 Videos

Overview – Topics/Speakers:

by Per Heden, MD, PhD

Join Dr. Hedén in this educational surgical video series focused on achieving consistent, successful breast augmentation. An introductory video features helpful details regarding implant selection, patient measurements, and implant placement based on the “AK method.”

Each surgical video includes preoperative evaluation and measurements to guide implant selection, incision, dissection and pocket creation, implant placement, closure, postoperative dressing, and early postoperative result. Bountiful tips to avoid complications and enhance patient safety are included as well. Additional techniques relevant to particular surgeries are demonstrated, such as mesh placement, implant removal, excising previous scar, abdominal liposuction, fat grafting, capsulorrhaphy, and use of preoperative simulation software to help determine implant selection.


  • Introduction: Basic Principles for Implant Selection and Preoperative Markings (the “AK or “2Q” Method)
  • Case 1: Smooth Large Implant (Dual Plane II-III) and Prophylactic Mesh Support to Avoid Bottoming Out
  • Case 2: Recurrent Seroma and Animation Deformity: Implant Exchange (Macrotextured to Smooth), Capsular Flap Support, and Fat Grafting


  • Case 3: Anatomic Implant in Dual-Plane Positioning: The Consultation, Implant Selection, Preoperative Markings, and Surgical Technique
  • Case 4: Smooth Oval Implants: Prophylactic Mesh Support to Avoid Rotation

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