TrueLearn NCCAA Anesthesia Practice Exam 2023-24 Edition (PDF)


Format : 18 PDF files
File Size : 103.6 MB

Course Introduction: TrueLearn NCCAA Anesthesia Practice Exam 2023-24 Edition (PDF) Download Link


Format : 18 PDF files
File Size : 103.6 MB

Overview – Topics/Speakers:

This Qbank was extracted in August 2023.

Contents included:

Truelearn CAA Prep (23-24)

  • Question Types
    • CAA Prep (23-24) – Clinical Management (C).pdf
    • CAA Prep (23-24) – Interpretation (I).pdf
    • CAA Prep (23-24) – Knowledge (K).pdf
    • CAA Prep (23-24) – Numerical Problem Solving (N).pdf
  • Subjects
    • CAA Prep (23-24) – Cardiovascular.pdf
    • CAA Prep (23-24) – Clinical Subspecialties.pdf
    • CAA Prep (23-24) – Gastrointestinal & Hepatic.pdf
    • CAA Prep (23-24) – Hematology and Coagulation.pdf
    • CAA Prep (23-24) – Instrumentation, Monitoring, Anesthetic Delivery Systems, Physics.pdf
    • CAA Prep (23-24) – Metabolism & Endocrine.pdf
    • CAA Prep (23-24) – Neurology & Neuromuscular.pdf
    • CAA Prep (23-24) – Obstetrics & Perinatology.pdf
    • CAA Prep (23-24) – Pediatrics & Neonatology.pdf
    • CAA Prep (23-24) – Pharmacology.pdf
    • CAA Prep (23-24) – Principles of Anesthesia.pdf
    • CAA Prep (23-24) – Regional Anesthesia & Pain Management.pdf
    • CAA Prep (23-24) – Renal, Genital, & Urologic.pdf
    • CAA Prep (23-24) – Respiratory System.pdf

NCCAA Anesthesia Practice Exam 2023-24 Edition

Anesthesiologist Assistant Test Prep

  • 1000+ Practice Questions
  • Categories Mapped To The NCCAA Blueprint
  • Written by Content Experts

It’s our mission to help you pass the NCCAA In-Training and Certification Exams the first time!

Challenges Anesthesiologist Assistant students face when preparing for the NCCAA exams.

  • Underestimate the difficulty

Many students think if they scored well in their classes, they will easily pass the certification exam. This overconfidence prevents students from allocating the necessary time and resources to pass.

  • Don’t know how to study for high-stakes certification exams

Test-prep has benefited highly from the field of learning science. There are new scientific methodologies that turn average test-takers into high-performers. Many fail to identify their strengths and weaknesses by the exam categories early in their study plan and spend time on areas that won’t have the greatest impact.

  • Don’t use the right study materials

Many students will use basic study materials that don’t provide rich answer explanations, give insight into correct and incorrect answers, or create succinct and memorable “Bottom Lines” that make it easy to remember the key information to getting the question right. When incorporating this practice with a strong focus on weak areas, it can have a dramatic impact on a student’s ability to succeed.

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