Video Atlas of Pediatric Endosurgery (VAPE) (Original PDF from Publisher)


Format : Publisher PDF , File Size : 29.2 MB

Course Introduction: Video Atlas of Pediatric Endosurgery (VAPE) (Original PDF from Publisher) Download Link


Format : Publisher PDF , File Size : 29.2 MB

Overview – Topics/Speakers:

This book brings together state of the art endosurgical techniques on abdominal, gastrointestinal, colorectal and thoracic operations in children, as well as operations of upper urological tract. Each chapter is complemented by a corresponding video of the described procedure, featuring critical maneuvers, useful tips, and alternative approaches. The book itself summarizes each operation, containing illustrations about positioning in the operation theatre, the most important steps of the surgical procedures and the managing of possible complications. The videos are accessible through different devices including desktop or laptop computers, tablets, as well as smartphones, allowing both novice and experienced surgeons to review the procedures on the go, during rounds, or in the operating room. The book and accompanying videos are therefore an invaluable guide for pediatric surgeons as well as young surgeons at the start of their career.

Videos and more: Download the free Springer Nature More Media App – Scan dedicated images in this book  to stream videos or access and download supplementary material.

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  • Publisher: Springer International Publishing; August 19, 2021
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-3030580421
  • ISBN: 9783030580421
  • eText ISBN: 9783030580438

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